From the material and organic architecture that follows and echoes the territory, Villa Martine, designed by Studio Pè near Porto Cervo (Sardinia), is composed of several bodies that are grafted onto several levels, opening up to the landscape thanks to panoramic terraces and large windows
Designed by the architect Franco Pè's Studio Pè Architettura & Design, the new Villa Martine luxurious and lush residence in Miata, near Porto Cervo, it is inserted in the Sardinian territory of the Costa Smeralda, following it, almost blending in and opening up at the same time. Located on a hill, it offers a spectacular view of the sea even from inside the house thanks to its orientation and the large windows that characterize the rooms.

The prestigious residence with essential and natural shapes is made up of several bodies that are distributed organically in the typical landscape of Sardinia. Some paths around the main house and which branch out between the other buildings and the sinuous swimming pool are carved out of the local stone.

The main villa is characterized by a large living room in continuity with the dining area and the master bedroom; both overlook large terraces overlooking the sea. The kitchen and another bedroom complete the home. To degrade along the slope of the land, two volumes have been created which house as many outbuildings; a third building intended for guests is located near the largest residence.

With soft and natural lines, the infinity pool integrated into the rock is the focal point that sews the various bodies of the villa. From here the paths branch off: towards the terrace, crossing a glass bridge over the water, and towards the main entrance, via a staircase that seems suspended between the rocks and the walkways lying on the different levels that outline the hill.

To characterize the project of Villa Martine is the use of local materials, such as the stone that covers the external facades and most of the internal and external flooring, in addition to the maintenance of the original rock of the place, preserved in all its purity even in the interior of the home, integrated with the furnishings.

The interior design project is based on the fusion of high quality materials and furnishings with clean and simple lines: the wood paneling and the stone and teak floors emphasize the choice of design pieces with a great scenic impact.

Both the internal and external fittings, which become an extension of use and refinement, are characterized by the choice of design pieces from prestigious companies, such as the Flos lighting systems that give character to the environments and the Talenti outdoor furniture that punctuate the wonderful panoramic views of the terraces, the garden and the swimming pool.