Feline seats and palm-shaped lamps project us into the dreamlike dimension of living, inviting us to become children again

HONOR COURTYARD, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - The installation is a way to relive that idea of childlike wonder, made up of enthusiasm and endless joy, that we too often forget.

Atelier Biagetti chooses to repropose it through a series of objects that seem to belong to a dreamlike space, where the unconditional (and mutual) love of a four-legged friend transforms every return home into a special moment.

The project investigates the idea of a boundless domestic space in which the inside blurs with the outside, a playful space where play is serious business.

It is presented through a site-specific installation in the Cortile d'Onore of the University of Studies and includes pieces made in collaboration with the futuristic Labseventy.

Giant, lunar and docile cats become sculptural seats in the shade of soft palm trees colored with glowing coconuts.

Designed by Atelier Biagetti, they are sculpted to order by robotic arms that shape their forms from Second Life-certified amorphous polymer blocks. Each piece is numbered and signed by the authors and is part of a playground designed to find a new balance in the environment.

Each element of the installation is thus a functional sculpture thought of as a device capable of activating the idea of a house without boundaries, where the interior space blurs with the exterior space and where play becomes a serious thing that one can no longer do without. The scene, in which the observer unwittingly becomes the protagonist, also consists of some polychrome seats.

Cover photo: Paolo Consaga