Colored puppets redesign the portals of the grand staircases: an invitation to rediscover the most intimate emotions we often forget

PORTALS OF THE STAIRCASES OF HONOR, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - In the week when functionality and aesthetics come together to celebrate the most desirable objects for the five senses, Missoni chooses to lead us to discover our most intimate emotions, and the designs of the Nastri and Zig Zag fabrics become a starting point to try to rediscover ourselves and recover the dialogue with the self.

The artwork around each portal consists of some fifty fluffy rabbits used to create a colorful allegory, which help us rediscover our feeling, to understand, cultivate and furnish with care.

“The rabbit is the element that reconnects us with our emotional side,” explains Alberto Caliri, artistic director of Missoni Home Collection, under the supervision of Rosita Missoni.

“It accompanies us into our inner home where we preserve values and memories of our experience. A stimulus to rediscover a joyful choreographic simplicity also in furnishing formulas.

This new evolution (Re-Evolution) starts from the heart, from the Missoni fabric: the heritage symbol in the historic Zig Zag graphic on soft fabric and the new vision of the iconic sign Nastri, a macro-interweaving of colors and textures on jacquard fabric.”

Cover photo: Saverio Lombardi Vallauri