An exhibition of products from Brazilian companies that investigates the connection between creativity and nature with a particular focus on sustainable changes

PORTICO RICHINI, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - One of the two episodes dedicated to the story of contemporary Brazilian design, curated by Bruno Simões for ApexBrasil, it develops along the arcades of the Portico Richini.

Temporal, the title chosen for both projects, invites visitors to imagine a precise atmospheric event characterized by energy and agitation, but also from the beneficial expression of nature given by the water that cleans.

The storm that "washes the soul" is precisely that represented by the process of redefinition that contemporary Brazilian design is currently experiencing.

For the exhibition set up in the Portico, 50 pieces were selected from various companies that stood out for their conceptually innovative proposals or for presenting solutions sustainable.

Among the pieces in the exhibition, Simões has chosen five that illustrate the excellence and originality of Brazilian production: the Cardume carpet, by the designer Sofia Venetucci for the company By Kamy, the Casa de Ferreiro bookcase created in collaboration between Esmo Design and Furf Design Studio, the Euforia chair designed by Gabriel Freitas for Plasmo Hub, the Sertão bench created by the designer Patrick Afornali, finally the Resgate vase created, with clay scraps, by Studio Pedro Galaso.

The Temporal exhibition is a response, actually there are 50 responses, to the main themes of contemporary design: the enhancement of regional culture, the memory of learned processes and the creation of new ones, the need to reduce the impact on the environment.