A 6m diameter sphere covered with natural moss: a living architecture with the sounds of the forest filling the space

Design today must respond to its own time and to the questions addressed to tomorrow, questions that arise from attention to the social and environmental transformations of a post-industrial reality.

It is from this new awareness that Temporal originates, the project by Bruno Simões who returns to the FuoriSalone for the second consecutive year as curator of the Brazilian exhibition, organized by the Brazilian agency for the promotion of trade and investment (ApexBrasil).

The seemingly dramatic title tells the public about the energy and power expressed by contemporary Brazilian design, a design that was born, indeed reborn, after a beneficial storm and represents the starting point of a new life cycle, capable of nourishing and regenerating.

For the Cortile d'Onore, Simões has created a living architecture, symbolically represented by a sphere which, inside, welcomes visitors into a space where, suddenly, everything slows down: it is the moment before the storm.

The sphere, a sort of primordial cocoon, is also an opportunity to collect ideas and then to appreciate the main exhibition with greater tranquility, the one set up along the Portico Richini which brings together 50 of the best brands in the sector.

Designed by the Estojo architecture studio, the sphere, 6 meters in diameter, is covered in natural moss, a material that symbolizes sustainability.

Cover photo: Saverio Lombardi Vallauri