“What is real?” Two spaces, one reassuring and the other alienating, question the boundary between perception and reality

PRESS ROOM, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - On entering the Liminal press room designed by the studio CaberlonCaroppi, visitors finds themselves on the threshold of a world that mingles perception and reality.

Liminal is whatever lies on the boundary between consciousness and perception.

In a world where the virtual becomes real, the CaberlonCaroppi studio creates a twofold design journey.

In the first room we find the recognizable reference points of the real world, with colors and materials predominating.

Its boundaries are lost in a reassuring ambiance with walls and floors covered with the pattern of Inked wallpaper designed by the studio for Zambaiti Parati.

Here lines and lights define an infinite, dystopian virtual space, in which the grid decoration of the wallpaper designed with Zambaiti is multiplied by the 3M reflective wall, while the furnishings by Concreta with Swiss Krono materials and tables and chairs by Pedrali emerge from the grid with the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key) of the four-color process.

The lighting design by Contardi Lighting, the fitted carpet by Radici, the signage by Apir, and the portal cladding by GR Group with Geplast. Screens 365 Productions - Sony.