The event-exhibition Design Re-Evolution explained by INTERNI editor-in-chief Gilda Bojardi

Interni Design Re-Evolution intends to propose a choral reflection on the theme of Evolutionary Thought assumed as a design tool.

An Evolution understood as the capacity to activate synergies between different knowledge and trigger contaminations with other disciplines, such as Science, Economics, Art and Scenography.

A Revolution implemented by research applied to more sustainable materials and coming from the circular economy supply chain; from the technological innovation of processes aimed at a stronger integration between designer and user; from the investigation of territories that still escape our knowledge today, from the Metaverse to the farthest Universe.

In a dense cloud of spectacular scientific discoveries and ingenious technologies, INTERNI has called on designers, architects and companies to contribute to the construction of new landscapes to promote:

  • a new, positive interaction between human beings and the environment;
  • the action of doing in a profound dialectical relationship with nature;
  • the achievement of happiness, a fundamental factor, closely linked to the human and social context with which it is confronted on a daily basis.

The results of these explorations can be found in six locations, divided into almost forty installations designed to involve, make people think, entertain and, above all, tell once again the value that the design culture is able to give in view of the creation of a tomorrow on a human and environmental scale.

INTERNI Design Re-Evolution was co-produced with Audi, Eni and Whirlpool.

  • for Audi, Gabriele Chiave with Controvento created The Domino Act at the Audi House of Progress, set up at Portait Milano: 22 monoliths with a reflective surface that enclose the Audi Skysphere concept car, a metaphor for the brand's vision of sustainable mobility that places human values at the centre;
  • for Eni, at the Brera Botanical Garden, Italo Rota with Carlo Ratti created Walk the Talk a game-installation invites explore the theme of the transformation of urban mobility in a sustainable key, putting the person at the center and stimulating a reflection on the relationship with the space in which they live and move;
  • for Whirlpool, in the Cortile d'Onore of the University of Milan, Odile Decq created The Synesthetic Swirl, a play of lights, colors, reflections and visual deformations for a spiral path that invites you to discover the sixth sense: intuition.

Everyone, happy FuoriSalone 2023.