At Torre Velasca, a gateway to a virtual world that brings new levels of perception to complement reality

66 years after its birth, the Torre Velasca speaks for a Re-Evolution becoming the gateway to a virtual world that offers new levels of perception complementing reality

Creativity and imagination entwine, weaving new and evocative urban and architectural configurations, challenging the laws of matter, space and physics.

Hines has entrusted the inspiration and creative talent of the designer Elena Salmistraro with the project for the first digital installation of the FuoriSalone, which inaugurates an extraordinary foray into new ways of experiencing places and freeing their revolutionary communicative potential, challenging the laws of matter, space and physics.

In the designer’s interpretation, the Torre Velasca, a sentinel of Milan’s skyline, stands majestically in its 28 floors wrapped in a dress of woven yarns, becoming the protagonist of a surprising colored texture that extends from the base to the top.

The yarns, like currents of air and thought, flow from the urban fabric clinging to the Tower to give rise to a tangle of human connections: an intricate network of life and liveliness that merges the city and the architectural structure into a single soul.

An installation that invites you to discover the beauty that lies in the details, celebrating the evolution of the Torre Velasca and its square as a new urban area open to the world.

A project accessible anywhere, 24 hours a day, to anyone, even to those who will not be visiting Milan through QR Codes printed or disseminated online.