A color theater made with tiles featuring more than 150 shades that react to light and create special effects

PORTAL OF THE HALL OF THE AULA MAGNA, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - To recount the colors of 1831 - Il colore italiano, the new Boero system devised for interior design and inspired by light, Francesca Grassi / Italo Rota Studio has imagined a large chromatic theater inspired by the colors of the rainbow, a glowing synthesis of the colors of nature, to which Boero, for almost 200 years, has devoted commitment and great respect.

The chromatic project is created with more than 150 tiles of different shades, applied with BoeroHP, a high-performance water-based satin enamel certified A+ (IAQ).

The effect of the ray of light that illuminates a beam of colors is obtained with the skillful use of tones specially devised, which show the broad potential for interpreting the color, in which the company with its roots in Genoa but international horizons has always been a master.

The installation at the portal of the hall of the Aula Magna consists of a self-supporting element measuring 12 m by 4.5 high, designed to be then recovered for a second life. “The remixing of the world is achieved through color and light, which can create space and become installed without volume or weight,” says Italo Rota.

Cover photo: Saverio Lombardi Vallauri