A new motorized staircase solution illustrates the transition from hydraulic to electric systems in the nautical field

LOW PORCH OF THE COURTYARD OF HONOR, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - The installation designed by Francesco Forcellini showcases Oceano, a yacht ladder/platform made by Besenzoni.

This is equipped with an ingenious and innovative system thanks to which it can be used as a bathing or landing/boarding ladder, as an extension of the sundeck platform or as a tender lift. A large mirrored surface (900 x 2.30 x 175 h cm) surrounds the staircase/platform and becomes a representative element of a virtual space, through which the observer can imagine seascapes.

"The name of the installation, Flow, expresses the flow of things in the most positive sense of change, a sequence of evolutions to create a revolution," Forcellini explains.

At the heart of the concept of evolution is innovation, because in order to progress, one must renew oneself, change paradigms and modes.

With this installation covered by a large reflective surface, the historic company Besenzoni presents to the general public the innovation, in the nautical field, of the transition from hydraulic to electric systems: a spacious motorized yacht staircase/platform with a natural and welcoming appearance, thanks to its wooden steps, and innovative in its mechanics and operation.

"Such a combination of technical revolution and natural materials makes it possible to use this specimen both as a staircase and as a gangway that can comfortably transport us to a different space, a space as we wish to imagine it, as are also custom-made boats and as we would like our future to be," Forcellini concludes.

Cover photo: Paolo Consaga