AUDI HOUSE OF PROGRESS / PORTRAIT MILAN – 22 monoliths with a reflective surface that enclose the Audi Skysphere concept car: a metaphor for the brand's vision of sustainable mobility that places human values at the centre

Set up in the majestic square of the Quadrilatero by Portrait Milano, the installation conceived for Audi by Gabriele Chiave with Controvento (Ania Szostak, Verdiana Vannini, Gilberto Ceriani, Gabriele Chiave) interprets the principle of the Sustainability Domino Act in an artistic key: a decision taken in a certain area can have a positive impact in another, i.e. it is able to trigger a beneficial domino effect in terms of sustainability.

With its circular layout, made up of 22 monoliths 4.5 meters high and 1.2 meters wide whose reflective surfaces multiply the presence of people and the surrounding greenery, reminding visitors that collective action is much more effective than the individual.

The monoliths enclose and protect the Audi Skysphere concept car, the focal point of the installation.

Audi Skysphere is the first of a new family of four prototypes of the Sphere family: an electron roadster equipped with a variable wheelbase which, combined with Level 4 autonomous driving, gives the car a dual soul, that of a GT and that of a pure sports car.

Audi Skysphere is also characterized by a new stylistic approach from the inside out that revolutionizes the travel experience, thanks to key elements such as the variable layout of the passenger compartment, the extraordinary width of the passenger cell and the possibility of drawing on an innovative infotainment offer.

The Domino Act metaphorically wants to tell how important it is to place human values at the center of everything.

A principle that the Audi cherishes and that here showcases its anthropocentric vision of automotive design, according to a holistic approach that finds correspondence in the roadmap pursued by Audi with the circular economy.

Re-life and re-use are in fact the main principles of the brand's strategy for sustainable mobility of the future, which involves the entire supply chain, from production sites to mass-produced products and materials.

“Today”, explains Gabriele Chiave, “the safeguarding of our ecosystem is the essential objective of a humanistic approach to design, innovation and life in general. A vision centered on man can only be aligned with that of our planet. It therefore means acting collectively in the interest of our future well-being".

At night, the installation comes to life thanks to lights and sounds, with soundscapes created in collaboration with Guido Smider.

Render: Upwind with Dario Perez - Almaziga