A tower of 12 concrete cubes, 12 meters high and, at the top, a sculpture of a man looking at the horizon: a metaphor for the human desire for creation

COURTYARD OF HONOUR, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - A sculptural tribute to the relation between man and building, Gianni Lucchesi’s Operae – developed in collaboration with Carlo Alberto Arzelà, Sandra Bozzarelli, Julia Caracciolo and the Hangar office – is an installation 12 meters high consisting of 12 concrete cubes giving rise to a tower, at top of which is set the life-size sculpture of a seated man.

He is gazing at the horizon, as if absorbing all the stimuli offered by the environment in harmony with nature.

The tower that supports him has a symbolic value: it represents our instinct to create in the name of harmony.

Following the Fibonacci numbers – the golden ratio – the cubes are slightly rotated near the sequence 1, 1, 2, 3, 5 (whose sum is 12, like the of height of the work in meters). The sequence does not start from the base, but from the block on which man is seated. On the metaphorical level, what is built is supported by the man’s idea and not physically by the gravity that keeps it anchored to the ground.

“We need a revolution of the spirit to change and improve our future,” observes the artist. “Art, architecture and design have a fundamental part to play by creating new visions.”

Lucchesi developed the constructional solutions and aesthetic finishes of the surfaces of the cubes with Giannoni & Santoni. The artist modeled the resin sculpture with a spatula and patinated it with Poliart. The Filotto brand created the lighting of the work, while the Ingegneria e dintorni practice did the static calculations.

Cover photo: Saverio Lombardi Vallauri