A monumental work, made of layers and shades of jeans, traces the history of the legendary Levi's 501 on the occasion of their 150th anniversary

COURTYARD OF HONOUR, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - Marking the 150th anniversary of its 501 jeans, Levi’s has launched globally ‘The Greatest Story Ever Worn’, a campaign celebrating the history of this iconic garment through a series of short films celebrating its incredible past and its role in countless historical and cultural episodes to inspire new generations.

As part of this campaign, Levi’s is taking part in FuoriSalone 2023 with an installation in the Cortile d’Onore of the University of Milan: a mural of monumental dimensions especially created by Ian Berry.

The British artist, internationally well known, specializes in the creation of denim collages, the fabric he uses to create realistic portraits and unique installations.

The work he created for the exhibition-event “Interni Design Re-Evolution” is inspired by the message of the campaign and is the largest denim mural ever made, consisting of collages of recycled 501 jeans. From the cowboys of the 1880s to the punks of the ‘90s, to queer communities of the ‘70s, Ian Berry and Levi’s pay tribute to those who have made the 501 a timeless garment.

‘The Greatest Story Ever Worn’ is the title of the campaign launched by Levi’s that inspired Ian Berry’s work but is also a European traveling project that started in Paris - where the brand presented an immersive space at Place de République - to reach in Milan from 17 to 26 April. Subsequently, the project will travel to and open on Madrid May 4th.

Cover photo: Paolo Consaga