Monica Maggioni will lead the press conference that inaugurates the major exhibition-event curated by Interni: online streaming on from 2.00pm

Interni Design Re-Evolution, the major exhibition-event curated by Interni on the occasion of FuoriSalone 2023, will be officially inaugurated on Monday 17 April at 2.00 pm with a press conference hosted by journalist Monica Maggioni.

To watch it in streaming:

On the stage of the Aula Magna of the State University of Milan, after the greetings of the Magnificent Rector Elio Franzini, of the Councilor for Economic Development and Labor Policies Alessia Cappello, of the ' Councilor for Culture Tommaso Sacchi of the Municipality of Milan and of the Managing Director of the Mondadori Group Antonio Porro, the co-producers will go up - the director of Audi Italia Fabrizio Longo, the Commercial Director of Eni Sustainable Mobility Giovanni Maffei and the CEO of Whirlpool Italy Paolo Lioy - and the Director of Interiors Gilda Bojardi.

Then Monica Maggioni, in discussions with 18 designers representing the five thematic clusters that make up the great FuoriSalone 2023 Exhibition-Event, will accompany the public in the discovery of Interni Design Re-Evolution.

The first cluster: Sustainable Mobility, Energy and Evolution

The first cluster, dedicated to the evolution of the concept of sustainable mobility and innovative ways of using energy, will see Maggioni discuss with Italo Rota and Carlo Ratti, authors of Walk the talk - energy in motion for Eni at the Brera Botanical Gardens, Gabriele Chiave and Controvento, authors of The Domino Act at the Audi House of Progress at Portrait Milano, Piero Lissoni who signed the installation The Impossible Machine for SanLorenzo in the 18th century courtyard of the University of Milan and Andrea Boschetti of Metrogramma who, in the Cortile d'Onore, set up A Theater to Save the Planet.

Cities, nature and water, i.e. the oceans, are in fact the protagonists of these installations, where the effort of the designers was to promote the evolution of integrated, collaborative, aware and also engaging eco-systems towards the public.

The second cluster: Behaviors and new practices

A group of installations then investigated the birth and development of new individual and collective behaviors, often linked to the use of digital tools: how do they relate the individual to the community? How is the "leisure" society evolving in the contemporary technological development that is cognitive but also highly experiential and sensorial? These issues will be discussed by Odile Decq who designed for Whirlpool The Synesthetic Swirl, Andrea D'Antrassi and Ma Yansong by MAD Architects, authors of Momentum for AXA, Ian Barry who created a giant mural in jeans for Levi's The Greatest Story Ever Worn, and Annabelle Karim Kassar who set up a Modern Cabinet of Curiosities interactive.

The third cluster: new forms of interaction in public space

The garden, the landscape and the city become metaphors for experimenting with new forms of outdoor life and advanced visions of hospitality, shopping and interaction. How do you design the contemporary public space to transform it into a place of meaningful exchange that adds quality to the experience? Stefano Boeri who, in collaboration with Amazon, designed Swing in the Cortile della Farmacia, an interactive installation inspired by the game and to biodiversity, Simone Micheli who with his Free.Dom invites reflection on freedom of choice and Topotek1, authors, with the Landscape Festival 2023 by Grow Together, grow green / 10k+, a structure that serves as a gathering point for a collection of plants.

The fourth cluster: architecture inspired by the natural world

The use of natural materials, together with a skilful use of light, are at the center of the most advanced studies in the field of sustainable architecture. For Interni Design Re-Generation two Brazilian creatives took on these issues. Bruno Simões for ApexBrasil has created Temporal, a exhibition along the Portico Richini and a installation (a sphere of 6 meters in diameter covered with natural moss) in the Cortile d'Onore) which stages the connection between Brazilian design and nature. And Vivian Coser: her Stone Pavilion created in collaboration with It's Natural, Centrorochas and ApexBrasil tells the application contents of natural stones. Together with Maggioni, Massimo Iosa Ghini, author of the L'Oasi microarchitecture (with Felis, Intro and FMG Shapes ) inspired by the organisms of nature and Mario Cucinella who, with his Discover(y) Lightning for Artemide has created in the East Loggia a bright and heartfelt tribute to the founder of the company, Ernesto Gismondi.

The fifth cluster: transforming matter

Four designers discussed the transformation of matter through recycling, reuse and redevelopment processes. Benedetta Tagliabue, who with her pavilion Nutura, in the Cortile d'Onore created for Roca, offers a multi-sensory journey through nature and the building tradition Mediterranean; Gianluigi Colin with his installation of fabrics coming from the cleaning of newspaper rotary presses for Galleria De Ambrogi Time After Time; One Works with Mapei and ICA Group, which with Tangible & Intangible prompt us to reflect on the balance between knowing how to do and the discovery of new construction forms and materials; and Jacopo Foggini who, with his Acrylic Skyline for Dr.Gallina has developed a path in which light transforms the material into a metaphor of city, a passable tunnel.