A dreamlike presence rises from the ground and glows in the evening with a scenic effect heightened by the light and mist spread around it

COURTYARD OF HONOUR, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - On the central lawn, a cube embedded in the ground rises to over twelve meters high with an inclination of 45 degrees. It is the representation of power taking shape in action, of consciousness flowing into knowledge.

In a contemporary world where everything is immediate and digitally replicable, Momentum, designed by MAD Architects (Andrea D’Antrassi e Ma Yansong), on the one hand is the spark, the mother idea, on the other it is the study, complexity and care that lie behind the creative impulse.

The mirror surface observes and captures, reflects and refers to the unpredictability of inspiration and invention.

An interweaving of nature, history and technology. The surrounding environment, from the lawn to the trees to the arches of the University, is reflected in the structure that thus becomes the membrane of a new urban fabric.

The experience of the work is completed when visitors, using a QR Code, activate two Instagram filters framing the work, so as to have two different visions: the first, daytime vision represents the Cube element and its reflective rendering, the second enhances the lighting system within it.

In the evening, Momentum comes to life, becoming transparent and ethereal, illuminated from within, embodying the moment. A pure and captivating dialogue between thought and evolution.

Made for Axa Im Alts, the cube has an iron structure measuring 8 meters per side and is 12.5 m high. It is coated with metallized strips of ETFE polymer by Guarniflon Spa-PATI Division. At the base, a light mist heightens the scenic effect.

Along the inner sides, a diffused light created with L&L Luce & Light  i illuminates the building giving life to an extraordinary object (Ingegneria Maco Technology - Roberto Maffei; motion design Studio AIRA; mist effect Nephos). At the end of the exhibition, a reduced version of the project will be inserted in the building at 91 Via Monte Rosa in Milan that AXA IM Alts manages on behalf of its clients.