A suspended light element that reproduces a sun and optical bodies that project a soft light create a suggestive surreal sunset

NORTH PORTAL STAIRCASE, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - The concept of the New Horizons project by Mandalaki for Halo Edition set up on the staircase that leads from the south portal to the west loggia underlines the importance of maintaining a connection between the natural world and the human being, fundamental link for the daily well-being of the person.

For Mandalaki in particular, the evolution of light aims to explore the beneficial and spiritual power of nature within domestic spaces, above all through the innovative use of light and colour.

The light of the future no longer has the sole purpose of illuminating in a functional way, but evolves to broaden the perception of space and of the mind, stimulating the senses and emotions at a deeper level, creating a parallel and metaphysical reality.

The site-specific installation New Horizons reproduces a luminous dimension that represents an example of how Halo Edition light can be integrated into different environments, generating through its visual effect a sensation of wonder, peace and tranquility capable of detaching us from the surrounding reality and to reconnect with nature and ourselves.

The installation is made up of a suspended light element, a Red Halo Sky that reproduces a large sun, and two optical bodies – two Halo Giga that project a soft light onto the ceiling so as to increase the perception of being in front of a surreal sunset.