From the encounter between art, technology and design comes a project that recounts the life of trees. With a plunge into the metaverse

The project created by Marco Nereo Rotelli for Ever in Art invites us to learn about the life of trees.

In particular, a certified system designed by the scientist and Nobel Prize winner Riccardo Valentini detects the state of health of the two trees in the Court of Honor at the University of Milan and, through the contribution of the geologistPaoloDell’Aversana, captures the sound emissions in the earth.

The artistic project consists of trunks painted blue arranged in the shade of the two trees in the Court of Honor, where you can sit in peace.

The trees, to which sensors are applied, are given speech through Valentini's Tree Talker.

In this way visitors can experience a non-invasive listening technology that incorporates sensors and enters the intimacy of forest biodiversity, experiencing it within the work in a combination of art, design and science.

The installation includes a transposition into the Metaverse: by downloading a QR code placed on the wooden seats, it will be possible to ‘visit’ Milan transformed into a sensory forest where, in a proliferation of trees, the branches are ‘translated’ into words

The data collected on the two trees will be transmitted to the Program for the recognition of forest management certification systems.

A sort of world forest where trees from Canada to America and Africa are monitored for their good health.

With Comieco, the National Consortium for the recovery and recycling of cellulose-based packaging, a newspaper on recycled paper will be distributed urging sustainable awareness.

The project to create a combination of art and sustainability was made by Ever in Art, with the artistic direction of Marco Nereo Rotelli

Cover photo: Saverio Lombardi Vallauri