On the lawn in front of De Castillia 23, a 70-meter installation with water cushions and light fixtures to make people think of water shortages

On the lawn in front of 23 Via De Castillia, the building redeveloped by Urban Up | Unipol, Maria Cristina Finucci ’s installation welcomes visitors as a sort of 70-metre-long living being consisting of a series of ‘water cushions’.

Those sitting there may not notice at first that, a few steps away, the living organism, complete with veins and arteries in sight, is breathing laboriously, showing everyone it is struggling to survive. In its agony it tries to communicate humanity’s distress at one of the most urgent problems it faces: the water shortage.


Part of the installation is glowing and composes the inscription H2O Help.

But this is not all. Among them, the composition that forms the letter ‘O’ of the formula H2O is red, the color of danger. At night, the message is amplified, finally, by the lettering H2O that stands out in the darkness on the building’s façade.

H2O Help, the installation designed by Maria Cristina Finucci and created in collaboration with Urban Up | Unipol is made up of tanks and cisterns filled with water and placed on the lawn in front of the building at 23 Via De Castillia, one of the Unipol Group’s real estate assets.

The tanks are of two types: the flexible ones, colored blue and red, are connected by water pipes; the rigid semi-transparent white ones act as lighting fixtures with built-in LED lights. One of the tanks is fitted with an air intake system to simulate laborious breathing.