A microarchitecture that is enveloping and protective but open to dialogue with the outdoors, inspired by the organisms of nature

COURT OF HONOUR, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - Living a more natural dimension with more harmonious biological rhythms. Creating a type of design inspired by the organisms of nature for the creation of places with a beating heart, where architecture can satisfy the need for privacy and at the same time connect with the environment, respecting it.

This is how The Oasis was devised, an enveloping and protective microarchitecture, open to dialogue with the outside: an exercise in quest for significance that seeks to be a manifesto for simple answers to the needs of contemporary life.

“The Oasis represents protection from the context,” explains the designer Massimo Iosa Ghini, “but maintains permeability and the ability to relate between interior and exterior. The carefully studied and balanced use of wood expresses the relationship between artifice and nature. Biophilia helps us to design interiors in which well-being prevails, being in a place where we can recover from physical and mental fatigue, symbolized and then physically represented by the Float sofa by Felis.”

Il padiglione aperto (9,8 x 6,6 x h 5 m), collocato nel Cortile d’Onore, rappresenta un invito a sedersi e fermarsi in un luogo dove il tempo sembra scorrere più lento. La struttura accoglie il divano Float, dalla forma morbida e avvolgente, disegnato per Felis da Massimo Iosa Ghini.

L’allestimento curato da Intro è definito da un percorso sinuoso formato da listelli di legno (Sistem Costruzioni) in continuo dialogo con l’esterno. Alla realizzazione hanno collaborato anche FMG Shapes e iGuzzini Illuminazione per l’illuminazione.

Il verde è stato curato dalla paesaggista Silvia Ghirelli per Landscape Festival 2023.

Cover photo: Saverio Lombardi Vallauri