A traveling theater-shaped space to spread values such as sustainability, solidarity and responsible innovation

COURTYARD OF HONOR OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - A Theater to Save the Planet is an architecture in the form of a narrative theater, an infrastructure to popularize stories and values such as sustainability, solidarity and responsible innovation that has chosen FuoriSalone 2023 as its first stop.

It consists of six containers purposefully reworked to enable the architecture to always be 'plugged in' in a short time. Taking advantage of the box structure and the inherent strengths of containers, the theater is always stable and adaptable to any ground conditions.

The 11-meter-high central stage tower has a technical function-as well as a signaling and urban function-because it serves as a suspension support for the theater's central lighting system.

The interior surfaces are covered with dark curtains and insulated soundproof panels, while the arena floors and bleachers are covered using Mirage's Norr and Oudh porcelain tile collections.

The exterior structure is colored pastel blue, while the containers themselves express the theme of reuse, as they were salvaged at sea to be restored
and brought back to new life.

The installation was designed by Andrea Boschetti in collaboration with Ana Lazovic of Metrogramma studio thanks to the support of Mirage, which, together with the nonprofit Save the Planet, will support the project to keep it a living, active and operational place.