UNIVERSITY OF MILAN, COURTYARD OF HONOR - A game of lights, colors, reflections and visual deformations for a spiral path that invites you to discover the sixth sense: intuition

The Synesthetic Swirl, the installation designed by Odile Decq Studio with Whirlpool, is an initiatory journey, an experience of well-being, relaxation, escape through the senses.

Totally immersive and engaging for the senses on the inside, as captivating and intriguing on the outside, the installation offers the possibility of a before or an after.

Reproducing the geometry of a vortex, inspired by the archetypal image of the spiral, The Synestehic Swirl invites you to embark on a journey.

The path begins with the entrance between two curved mirror surfaces made with recyclable materials: one reflecting, the other which allows a glimpse of a colorful, moving animation.

The game of reflecting mirrors, lights and colors generates inner movements of the psyche which reflect movements of transformation and integration in the physical space.

Proceeding along the mirrored wall, the reflection distorts, multiplies, deforms. While the hobs, strong graphic signs, enliven the path in a playful alteration of their shapes and the image of people, in a total loss of points of reference and meaning.

Having reached the heart of the synesthetic vortex, the second phase of the journey, the connection between people and objects takes place.

Inside a transparent volume, you find yourself immersed in an atmosphere that simultaneously and casually combines relaxing sounds with iridescent colored lights, wrapped in a muffled fog.

This synesthetic vortex can represent an opening or an awakening, a swing, a step forward or backward between dualities.

Project realized with the support of Alucobond.