Two totems stage the balance between material and immaterial: a balance between know-how and the discovery of new construction forms and materials

CORTILE D'ONORE, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - On the one hand what it is possible to experience with all the senses, on the other what it is not possible to touch physically but which it is still possible to perceive in a space in which to experience emotions: material and immaterial coexist in the same path.

The project by Giulio De Carli and Leonardo Cavalli of One Works with Mapei consists of two totems that represent cultural dualism, revealing the reciprocal complementarity, but also the extreme opposition, between the tangible and the intangible.

They are positioned along a path drawn on a platform: one, the one that tells the tangible, is composed of layers of various building materials, which we are not used to seeing, because they disappear to the human eye when the architectural work is completed.

Mortars, sealants, plasters and other Mapei materials are superimposed on various essential elements for construction, such as metal profiles, wood and glass painted with ICA Group products and brick blocks.

The other, the one that represents the intangible, is defined by a thin metal profile that creates a visually empty parallelepiped, which comes alive by bringing the visitor into the immaterial world of virtual experience.

Created in collaboration with Mapei and ICA Group, Tangibile & Intangibile therefore reinterprets materials that define the architectural space and are visible to the human eye, combined with essential materials for building, but invisible once the work is finished.