Two open-air monochromatic islands offer relaxation with a metropolitan spirit thanks to the purity of the shapes and concrete looks

PORTALI SCALONE D'ONORE, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - Located at the corners of the Cortile d'Onore, the two outdoor lounges are monochromatic islands, designed by Parisotto + Formenton Architetti with Cimento around the material and its characteristics of tactility and color.

Eight meters long, the two rooms are almost monochromatic stages made of essential lines and juxtaposed volumes, spatially defined by horizontal platforms and low partitions covered with Tondo and Querini three-dimensional tiles (design Elisa Ossino) and set up with benches and vases (Campiello collection , design Studio 63).

Both the design of the space and the new products presented on this stage en plein air are inspired by primary forms that enhance the materiality of the Cimento in its almost lithic connotations.

The dusty colors, given by natural pigments, are declined in a fresh and desaturated green and a warm burnt brick on horizontal surfaces, seats, vases and vertical walls.

All these elements, thanks to the different surface finishes and three-dimensional effects, play with light and shadows as in a metaphysical composition.

Made by Cimento in the material of the same name, composed of mineral aggregates mixed with a cement binder, the two installations make use of a lighting project curated by the Qu company.

Cover photo: Paolo Consaga