A reflection on the role of next-generation fuels in reducing the environmental impact of yachting

CORTILE DEL 700, UNIVERSITY OF THE STUDIES OF MILAN - Imposing at the center of the Courtyard of the 1700s, The Impossible Machine by Piero Lissoni / Lissoni Associati for Sanlorenzo stands as a metal sculpture between high technology and skilled manual labor: a large mechanism (the cage measures 1500 x 300 x 450 h and the external platform 2100 x 900 x 15 h) whose elements move thanks to the new hydrogen technology from green methanol that the shipyard is developing for power generation in its boats in collaboration with Siemens Energy.

The backlit platform on which the metal installation rests enhances its mechanism made of propellers and notched wheels, while the light steam surrounding it reproduces the effect of a turbine driven by the fuel cell system.

In the designers’ interpretation, this complex machine, highly technological but defined in detail by skillful manual work (just like a yacht) is intended to represent the absolute avant-garde research carried out by the shipyard toward sustainable boating.

These solutions are the first concrete step in the entire industry on the path of carbon neutrality undertaken by Sanlorenzo.

Cover photo: Saverio Lombardi Vallauri