A sensory-related engagement space that hints at a new landscape capable of fostering positive human-environment interaction

COURTYARD OF HONOR SUB-PORCH, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - The project by Silvio De Ponte in the portico of the Court of Honor is presented as a space of involvement bound up with sensorial qualities, alluding to a new landscape capable of favoring a positive interaction between people and the environment.

Bright is a great spectacular tactile cloud, made of bronze fabric, floating in the air, virtually laden with scientific discoveries and ingenious technologies.

Lit up in red, it emanates a strong fragrance that evokes contact with a rediscovered and magical nature. Bright is the ‘cloud of knowledge’, the new Hal 9000 – the on-board supercomputer in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey – representing the evolution of humanity, the organizer of the knowledge of worlds and universes increasingly distant and imaginative.

The set-up (14 x 4 x h.3.8 m), made by Build-Up, includes a laminated wooden structure braced with tapered beams and pillars, which keep the ‘cloud’ suspended.

This structure is finished with a light-reactive material produced by Caparol and applied by Leggio Colors. The ‘cloud’, made from a bronze and stainless steel fabric produced by TTM Rossi, is hooked to a system of slats concealed within the cloud itself. Lighting by ADM Event Service.

Cover photo: Saverio Lombardi Vallauri