An interactive installation inspired by play and biodiversity that also contains a selection of household products

PHARMACY COURTYARD, UNIVERSITY OF THE STUDIES IN MILAN - Amazon brings The Amazing Playground to life: an interactive and experiential space featuring Swing, the installation designed by Stefano Boeri Interiors.

Also on display inside the Pharmacy Courtyard is a selection of home furnishing products available on

Swing is a special swing with a circular shape that draws inspiration from early 20th-century Spanish Surrealism and the American Circus in Madrid, whose performers used to read while sitting on a swing, playing on the ambiguities of an oratory 'suspended' between humor and delirium, joy and culture.

Swing is also a playful counterpoint to abstract rhetoric on sustainability, in favor of a concrete national urban forestation project, such as Parco Italia, promoted with Amazon Italia by Stefano Boeri Architetti and AlberItalia, created to improve and implement Italy's natural capital and its biodiversity.

The installation is designed with sustainability in mind: the individual modules that define it can be broken down and reassembled, with the possibility of creating new configurations as well.

Swing brings together space, time and rhythm and is also meant to be a celebration of free time, an opportunity to rediscover the pleasure of the time of lightness and fun also dedicated to online shopping for furniture products, today an increasingly simple and pleasant experience like playing outdoors.

In addition to interacting with the installation, the public can also discover a selection of products available on

Displayed at the corners of the Pharmacy Courtyard, these include designer home furnishings and some of the more than 100,000 Climate Pledge Friendly certified products that Amazon customers in Europe can purchase, thus contributing, through their consumption choices, to the preservation of the environment.