An installation with interactive totems where, using artificial intelligence, one can create artwork certifiable as NFT

SOTTOPORTICO COURTYARD OF HONOR, UNIVERSITY OF THE STUDIES OF MILAN - Art, innovation and technology dialogue in close proximity in the space Metamorphosys - The Art of Regeneration, to invite us to experiment with still little-known but unavoidable ways of knowing and to pursue a more conscious and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

The interactive project, designed by Studeo Group for Itelyum, crosses the new frontier of artificial intelligence by calling the visitor to perform an act of conscious transformation, in the belief that great evolutionary change originates from the synergy of multiple individual acts of transformation, or metamorphosis.

Visitors are invited to use artificial intelligence to create artwork that they can certify to produce an NFT. In this way they become owners of the artwork created.

The installation, identified by the visual panel and an area with interactive totems, is located along the Sottoportico of the Cortile d'Onore and was designed by Roberto Banfi, creative director of Studeo Group, with Paola Gobbini, project manager, and the team formed by Eugenio Cinalli, Carlo Maino and Alessandro Bono.