Evolving black & white patterns, with modules that play with proportion and perspective: the graphics for Interni's exhibition-event are by Studio Leonardo Sonnoli

The Design Re-evolution logo made in multiple versions, with changing letters, offering a constantly changing vision. A Re-evolution, in fact, all in Black & White.

The identity of the FuoriSalone event bears the signatures of Leonardo Sonnoli and Irene Bacchi 2023 of Interni: Design Re-Evolution. And it's a revolution compared to past ones, always very colorful and lively.

Read the event concept here

“In a week of 'visual pollution' like that of design week,” Sonnoli and Bacchi explain, “we decided to zero color, focusing on patterns and a strongly signal value”.

Anything but static and uniform, the graphics are based on a modular striped pattern that can be declined on the many communication formats.

From flags to banners, from paper and digital media to merchandising, the declination of patterns and logos always achieves different and surprising results.

“The modules have the ease of adapting to small pages as well as large walls, playing with the proportions of the space and the visual perspectives. It is a project that can enter anywhere. On the cover of the April issue, however, we have ideally transposed the same graphics into a three-dimensional space".

Soon, in a dedicated interview, Leonardo Sonnoli and Irene Bacchi will tell us about the development of the project.