A pavilion featuring natural stones with multiple application content

COURTYARD OF HONOUR, UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - The pavilion designed by Vivian Coser interprets the principles of biophilic architecture: open-plan, it is inspired by the lushness of Brazilian nature.

It is a kind of open-plan gallery displaying works of art and design made of Brazilian natural stones - marble, quartz and fine crystals - whose variety and diverse application possibilities in the world of design are told.

These materials present a multitude of colors, veins and textures that render the sensory richness offered in nature by stones, here interpreted in a clever compositional game that alternates stone slabs and volumes with lush plants, also of Brazilian origin.

The installation is proposed as a connecting element between the urban landscape and the natural environment: a living, open space that comes alive with the sun, the wind, the passage of people, and at the same time offers a place to decompress from the frenzy of the FuoriSalone.

The open scheme of the pavilion (8.8 x 6 x h. 3 m), created with the support of It’s Natural – Brazilian Natural Stone, Brazilian Center of Natural Stone Exporters (Centrorochas) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil), places visitors
in direct contact with their surroundings and nature, evoked by Brazilian stones and plants.

The designer has a great knowledge of stone materials, and the installation recounts their
its characteristics and potential also in terms of sustainability. Natural stone is indeed very durable and requires minimal maintenance.

It is an environmentally friendly material, as it contains no chemicals. It can also be easily recycled and reused, providing savings in energy, water and other resources. Lights by Buzzi & Buzzi.

Cover photo: Paolo Consaga