.exnovo for New York architects and designers

In New York, .exnovo launches a lighting project connected with 3D printing. New York-based architects and designers participated, on Tuesday 11 March, at the presentation of the project in the Design-Apart showroom in Manhattan’s Flatiron District. The company from Trent explained the functioning of the technology and the type of projects that can be done. Architects and designers have 5 weeks to submit their ideas: the best ones will be produced, with the support of .exnovo, and shown in New York during ICFF (17/20 May). Some products may become part of next year’s .exnovo collection. The creative talents can count on the support of .exnovo, whose success is based on a combination of innovation and tradition, professional 3D printing and craftsmanship: a technology that operates in an additive way, building an object layer by layer starting with a three-dimensional design created on a computer, is joined for the first time with the work of the hands of skilled artisans, to transform products into works of art. Info: www.exnovo-italia.com