The extraordinary voyages of Paolo Gotti around the world Temporary Gallery - Via Santo Stefano 91/a - Bologna Until 30 June 2019

Reopening of the Temporary Gallery at Via Santo Stefano 91/a in Bologna, with the exhibition “45 Years Travelling – the extraordinary voyages of Paolo Gotti around the world,” offering an itinerary through some of the most outstanding images made by the Bologna-based photographer during 45 years of explorations in over 70 countries on all continents.

From his first trip to Africa in 1974, when he crossed the Sahara with a Land Rover and returned to Italy on a cargo ship, to the latest journeys to Cuba to see tobacco plantations and the very colorful town of Baracoa, the exhibition presents not just the landscapes and faces Gotti has encountered, but also the gaze of the photographer himself, never disenchanted, always curious and enthusiastic, convinced that the destination does not exist without the path and that the finest voyage is the one yet to be made.