Sky, sun and wellness for spaces without windows

Lighting is fundamental to create a comfortable environment, but it becomes problematic when an architect has to design a closed space, without windows or other openings to the outside world. When natural light is not an option, the solution can be provided by CoeLux with its high-tech systems that recreate the experience of sunlight and the sky in indoor spaces.

The goal is to provide a sensation of wellbeing, at home or in an office, a store, a museum, an airplane or a subway. In a small space like an elevator, or a large one like an airport, CoeLux systems boost spatial quality, productivity and a sense of wellness.

CoeLux is the result of scientific research conducted by Professor Paolo Di Trapani, a physicist at the Department of Science and High Technology at the Insubria University of Como, founder and CEO of the company. With an interdisciplinary team, he has explored optical physics, chemistry, sciences of materials, architecture and design.

The system relies on the combination of three basic elements: high-tech LED technology, optical systems and nano-particles. The offerings are organized in various types of systems (CoeLux HE, Coelux LS, CoeLux HT 25) that differ in terms of size, the type of frames, and above all the beam of light (sloped or zenithal), for application in different architectural contexts.