In Mestre, a historic villa has been expanded with a new modern structure, with many windows and an ethereal image

The house had the look of a traditional villa typical of the area, on three levels: living and kitchen areas on the ground floor, bedroom zone and services on the upper levels. The client wanted a new more intimate living area, not visible from the main entrance and full of light, since the existing living room received little natural brightness due to the limited windows.

The studio ANK Architects has designed the addition, immediately sensing the chance to combine the existing building with an ethereal, monolithic and translucent volume, different in terms of geometry and style. The new part is placed on the north side of the existing structure, providing an addition that is invisible from the front, almost an extension of the house towards the park, in the most private, intimate zone of the dwelling. A glass box that shifts into a secluded portico facing the countryside near Mestre.

The large windows allow light to enter while seeming to immerse visitors in the greenery of the surrounding park. Everything is very modern and minimalist: a few excellent pieces of furniture, enhanced like works of art by the light, produced by a built-in LED system and the pale backdrop of the walls and ceilings. The aim was to control the spaces, like a simple box, after which the furnishings would set the colors and spaces. The work on the flooring, lights and windows also made it possible to open the house to the park, expanding perception of the size of the ground floor spaces.

To achieve this effect, it was necessary to have continuous flooring of reduced thickness, a chromatically homogeneous but at the same time lively and imperfect surface by nature, which would reflect the typical image of the original house and the contemporary spirit of its addition. The choice, both outside and inside, went to Nuvolato Architop Ideal Work, the flooring that makes it possible to get beyond the limits of thickness and weight of traditional concrete, while conserving its beauty and strength, but in a context of attention to detail and high aesthetic-chromatic value.

With a dynamic brutalist image, Nuvolato Architop has made it possible to connect the various situations in a harmonious contrast between past and present, enhancing the furnishings and bringing out the history of the place. It is also idea for outdoor zones because it stands up to chemical agents and weathering, abrasion, cracking and frost.

Ph. Luca Casonato