Cameo and Ciak by L&L Luce&Light, ideal partners for residential and retail applications

Cameo and Ciak: two words borrowed from cinema, to name two downlight collections of interiors by L&L Luce&Light.

An ironic analogy with links to the theme of light for Cameo, a word that indicates a short appearance of a famous personality in a film or a theater piece. A meaning that applies to the new line of downlight fixtures created for suspended ceilings or plasterboard niches for interiors in residential contexts, with fixed optics, ±20° direction adjustment or manual optical zoom combined with the adjustable units.

In the adjustable versions the fixture can rotate by 360°, allowing for great precision in the control of light emissions. The whole Cameo range uses Power LEDs or High Intensity Power LEDs, depending on the model. All the fixtures have a high level of chromatic performance, CRI >90, to ensure bright colors in the objects illuminated. Cameo comes in black, white or RAL colors by request.

The same application concept forms the basis of Ciak, a line of adjustable downlight fixtures offering the possibility of horizontal rotation of the optical body up to 350°, and extraction and vertical adjustment up to 70°, for very precise lighting effects.

Ciak too uses Power LEDs with chromatic performance of CRI>90. Thanks to the limited height, the units are perfect for the retail sector, positioned and installed in thin surfaces like shelves and display cases. Ciak has been assigned the German Design Award 2019 with a special mention for “Excellent Product Design Lighting.”