KitchenAid launches the steam accessory of Twelix Artisan

Twelix Artisan is the new KitchenAid oven that offers three different types of cooking: standard convection, convection-steam or only steam. Many creative accessories can be directly connected to the oven to expand performance and provide a wide range of cooking options. The first to be launched is the steam accessory, a special tray inserted in the oven and connected to the internal power supply to create an ideal environment for perfect, healthy and natural steam cooking. A piece of gear that can also be used with the “air with steam injections” function or the “only steam” setting: in the latter case, the lower part of the tray is filled with water (capacity 1 liter). The steam accessory is just the first in a wide range of tools that bring out the versatility of Twelix Artisan: other items on the way include the baguette accessory, the stone for cooking pizza and flatbread, and an accessory for roasting coffee beans. For info: