Lorenzo Palmeri designs the new Acqua Chiarella glass bottle, stripping it of all superfluous elements. At the center, water, in all its purity

A new format, a new cap, a non-label label. The new 0.70 liter glass bottle Acqua Chiarella designed by Lorenzo Palmeri emphasizes the transparency and purity of water.

A sculptural object, archetypal and evocative, with simple but refined shapes, pure and at the same time engraved and in relief. A timeless design that brings water back to the center, just as the bottle is at the center of the table, of family and conviviality. A project that does not hide but reveals the essence, eliminating any superfluous compositional and stylistic element to leave the scene to clarity, lightness and the intrinsic characteristics of perfect balance of mineral salts in Chiarella water.

In Lorenzo Palmeri's design choices, glass becomes a story: the engraving to convey the logo and the reliefs on the surface in which the mountains and Lake Como are recognized, that is, the origin and the territory, fundamental values of Acqua Chiarella. The cap design is also essential, a line of signs to indicate the type of water: natural red and sparkling blue. The design phase involved the company but also the entire supply chain in a shared and participatory process in every detail.

The new bottle fits into Sympòsion, the project launched by Acqua Chiarella that invites exponents of the world of art, to discuss the theme of The excellence of Nature and Man.

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In this video, the testimonies of Fabio Pisani, starred chef and creative mind, with his partner Alessandro Negrini, of Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia (and later of La Voce and di BistRO) in Milan; by Valentina Moretti, architect, founder of More, a project for sustainable prefabricated architecture of the Holding Terra Moretti as well as interior designer of all the Group's accommodation facilities; by Claudio Saverino, founder of Vudafieri Saverino Partners, t, one of the most representative firms active in the design of innovative and quality restaurants; and of Lorenzo Palmeri, designer and composer, who designed the concept of the new glass bottle of Acqua Chiarella, starting from the origins of the source itself.