Since 1979 Vera has been bringing multi-source water to the table: three different Italian locations selected for quality, but also for proximity to three different areas in the area. With the vision – even then – of guaranteeing a reduced environmental impact

Energy crisis, scarcity of raw materials, rising costs and difficult management of resources: there is a sector that is facing, all together, these current factors and not too much recent.

It is the market for mineral waters, intrinsically subject to the question due, of course, to its primary object: water, as precious as it is indispensable.

Acqua Vera, recognizable since 1979 for its tradition, the transparency and the will to innovate (it was among the first, in 1980 to introduce PET bottles) that distinguish the company and its work , told INTERNI how to face a period like the contemporary one, remaining faithful to one's identity and – at the same time – looking ahead with an innovative approach and attention to the environment.

Acqua Vera is a multi-source water. What does it mean?

Acqua Vera is produced in several plants in Italy, in the north, center and south. Thanks to this production network Acqua Vera is a national brand but strongly rooted in the territories, enhancing them.

At the same time, the network makes it possible to minimize the impact of transport and reduce CO2 emissions which is a fundamental objective for us.

In 2022 Acqua Vera presented a new look: what are the salient aspects of this renewed look?

We have given the brand an innovative look, however, based on the pillars of our identity or rather transparency and tradition. We are very satisfied with how consumers have welcomed our new look.

What is the mineral water market facing at this historic moment?

It is a very particular historical moment where we find ourselves facing significant price increases at every stage of the production cycle.

Added to this is a strong logistics crisis and a scarce availability of materials.

Despite the general difficulties and inflation that shows no signs of letting up, the mineral water market is very dynamic and is growing. The consumer emphasizes the added value of drinking mineral water in glass or PET bottles.

How are you adapting to the scarcity of raw materials, the energy crisis and the precariousness of such a precious resource as water?

We have a very efficient supply chain that manages the procurement of raw materials and we work on efficiency processes of the production cycle to reduce consumption of energy.

At the same time, part of our energy needs is produced through photovoltaic panels that we have installed for a few years and that we are enhancing in the various production sites.

In what aspects can you read Acqua Vera's attention to the environment?

From constant attention to the use of 100% recyclable materials, to the reduction of emissions in transport thanks to our multi-source network, to the preservation of water resources and the reduction of energy consumption

In 1980 you were among the first to use PET bottles. What avant-gardes can we observe today, what aspects are you working on in terms of environmental impact?

To date, we believe that PET remains the most sustainable and safe material for bottling water and any type of beverage thanks to its recyclability, lightweight and energy consumption for production.
We must continue the virtuous path of collection and recycling which sees Europe at the forefront of the rest of the world and Italy among the countries with the best performance in Europe.

What is Acqua Vera's relationship with design?

Vera has always been a brand that has tried to combine practicity with elegance, winning several awards over the years.
We have now just launched our Gourmet Glass line for high-end catering. It is a bottle with a unique and elegant design that is enjoying great success, dedicated to restaurateurs looking for a differentiating element.