Until 31 May 2015, in the rooms of the Appartamento del Principe at Palazzo Reale in Milan, the exhibition “Alcantara, Technology of Dreams” invites visitors to cross the threshold and the borderlines between reality and dreams, concreteness and imagination.

The historic space offers the context to narrate the career of a company projected into the future, that has conserved the values of Italian know-how admired all over the world.

The show, organized and supported by the City of Milan, Palazzo Reale and Alcantara, is part of the Expo in città circuit, a range of initiatives that will accompany the cultural life of the city during the six months of the Universal Exposition. It narrates the path of a company that represents Italian excellence, looking back on the work of important designers from the worlds of fashion and product design.

Six designers, protagonists of different spheres (fashion, product, light, interior, exhibition design) have reinterpreted the concepts of beauty, flexibility, tactile appeal, comfort and transformation that are stylistic features of Alcantara, in a series of installations.

Gentucca Bini, Giulio Cappellini, Ingo MaurerIco Migliore & Mara Servetto, Paola Navone and Nendo are the talents involved in “Alcantara, Technology of Dreams.” Each room, containing one or more environmental installations, is the reflection of their creative vision.