The first Smart Boutique ApartHotel in the center of Milan, with a fine view of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. A new type of hospitality that permits renewal of existing real estate

Milan, the capital of fashion and design, and also of hospitality innovation. Altido, a company specialized in alternative hospitality solutions, with over 1700 facilities managed in Europe, launches a new, unique type of structure in Italy, ready for replication in all the European cities in which the firm is active.

Altido Galleria is an exclusive solution that combines the comfort of a high-end hotel with the privacy and discretion of an apartment. A smart, technologically innovative approach through a project of regeneration technically defined as a “strip out,” thanks to which a former office complex of 700 m2 in one of the most prestigious zones of Milan has been refurbished as a hospitality facility.

The concept has been developed by Rinnow!, a company specialized in the design and supply of furnishing solutions and specific smart technologies for homes and other spaces that welcome guests. The Rinnow! team composed of the architects Ludovico Ugati and Andrea Quartieri has the aim of guaranteeing high standards in terms of design and technology for those who want to stay in the center of the city.

Not a hotel and not an apartment, but 12 unique lodgings sized from 27 to 42 m2 and furnished down to the smallest details, as well as corridors, two lounge areas and a reception zone open from 8.30 to 22.30. The most demanding clients can stay in two high-level suites with superb views of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and the cathedral.

Every room has high-speed Wi-Fi, a TV screen up to 65 inches with special content, and a technological solution created by Rinnow!, already in use in other Altido facilities, that monitors various parameters for the security and wellbeing of guests, like air quality and energy use.

Guests can access Altido Galleria on their own by using a smartphone to enter the complex and the individual room, thanks to an app developed in collaboration with Vikey.

The web app also offers various services for added value, such as airport transportation, gourmet dinners, a list of wines and champagnes for room service, laundry and parking services, and a system of reservations for attractions in the city and vicinity.

Breakfasts and room service are organized in collaboration with the historic restaurant Savini Milano 1867, to offer an authentic experience of Milanese lifestyle for the guests of Altido Galleria.