AGC signs the windows of The One: the project for the redevelopment of the European District in Brussels

With the construction of the facades of The OneAGC Glass Europe contributes to redesigning the European Quarter which hosts the headquarters of the most important international institutions in Brussels. Project inserted in the urban fabric of the Belgian capital to create an environment of quality and sharing and to favor a coherent and dynamic use of public spaces.

Distinctive, unique, ecological and smart, The One, which houses workspaces, commercial and housing units, is designed to attract companies, talents and a new generation of residents to redevelop and remodel the European District, transforming it into a meeting place and sharing.

Designed by B2AI, the tower, with a height of over 100 meters and 20 floors, is configured as one of the most avant-garde buildings in the city because it connects and merges the aspects and activities of urban daily life (work, pastime, relaxation , shopping) in compliance with the highest standards of sustainability and energy saving.

To create ecological and efficient facades, able to guarantee the maximum amount of natural light inside the rooms, iplus Energy N on Clearvision glass was chosen : a range of low-emissivity coatings by AGC that combines neutrality, light transmission and balance between thermal and solar control properties. The solution ensures excellent solar control that prevents the interior from overheating and maintains a high level of thermal insulation, ensuring living comfort and a positive impact on energy saving and the environment.