Architects become chefs in Alto Adige - Ristorante Sissi by Andrea Fenoglio - 26 November - 19.30

The latest Italian stop of Archichef Night 2019 was in Merano on 26 November at Ristorante Sissi of the chef Andrea Fenoglio, boasting one Michelin star, as just confirmed in the 2020 edition of the guide.

Like the previous appointments, for this dinner-event architects acted as chefs, focusing on a dish or a recipe that represents their style.

The ‘archi-menu’ of the evening was made by local studios: Trojer | Vonmetz | Architekten; Architekten Mahlknecht Comploi; M7 Architecture + Design; Modusarchitects; Studiokostner. The archichefs approached each course as a true project, overseeing the choice of ingredients, the preparation and the serving. They narrated their creations for the guests on hand, after which those assembled could vote for the best dish.

Archichef is a traveling event, in Italy and abroad. In Italy this year it has been held in Turin, Milan, Rome and Salento. The foreign cities have been Zurich, London and Copenhagen.

The format comes from an idea of Towant, an agency involved in the organization of architecture events in Italy and elsewhere, which collaborates with some of the most important Italian and international design brands. Among the initiatives organized over the years, we can mention the ArchitectsParty; DJArch, where the DJ is an architect; and the ArchiBike cycling tour to discover landmarks of Italian architecture.

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