Louisa Clement, Georg Herold Until 28 March 2020 – Cassina Projects - Via Mecenate 76/45 - Milan

At Cassina Projects, Area Caproni U8OPIA is an exhibition based on dialogue between two German artists, Louisa Clement and Georg Herold, showing together in Milan for the first time.

The exhibition reveals a transitional world populated by humanoids that propose new mechanisms to regulate life. The works – some never shown elsewhere – raise a series of questions about evolving relations between human beings, their bodies and their life cycles. Approaching the task with different media, Louisa Clement and Georg Herold open an intense dialogue, creating tension between the dynamics of human life as we know it and the evolution we pretend to ignore.

Through new ways of representing human figures, Area Caproni U8OPIA plays with the perception of art, leaving it up to viewers to consider the meaning of physicality and the virtual, although the virtual could not exist without the physical