With pure and rigorous geometries, the mirrored modules of the Gemme collection by Artelinea allow you to create versatile and refined compositions for the bathroom. And not only

Keeping up with bathroom trends and their incessant evolution does not only mean observing, but also interpreting and anticipating, seeking the balance between form and functionality, between beauty and use. An (also) emotional intent that is at the basis of the creation of the Gemme collection designed by the Bizzarridesign studio for Artelinea. An original modular mirror coating, extremely versatile and refined, suitable for both the bathroom and other rooms of the house, an integral part of the Metamorfosi catalog of the Florentine company.

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Each module, about 11 mm thick, is formed by the layered coupling between mirror and ceramic, joined by a particular vacuum and temperature bonding technique with a special sealant, which creates a single element resistant to humidity and chemical agents.

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A series of pure geometric shapes, including the rectangle, the hexagon and the lozenges, distinguishes this collection of mirrors designed for wall gluing, whose surface finishes exist in smoky gray, smoky bronze and mirror. The compositions of mirrors can follow predefined patterns or be laid freely. Furthermore, each element can have customized dimensions, according to tastes and design needs.

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A refined aluminum closing profile, available in brushed bronze or brushed pewter finishes, accompanies the mirrors of the Gemme collection, whose modules reveal all the expressive potential of glass in full compliance with the most rigorous geometry.