Set up in the indoor and outdoor spaces of the Triennale, the exhibition focuses on the multiplicity of visual and plastic, objectual and environmental languages that since 1851, the year of the first Universal Exposition in London, have gravitated around food, nutrition and convivial life.

A worldwide panorama on the aesthetic and design connections involved in the rituals of eating, an international show that involves different media to offer an itinerary in time, on all levels of expression, creativity and communication, across all cultural areas.

With a layered and multisensory perspective, Arts & Foods, curated by Germano Celant with exhibit design by Studio Italo Rota, documents developments and solutions applied in man’s relationship with food, from the tools of cooking to the set table and the picnic, from public venues like bars and restaurants to changes brought about by travel by road, by air and in space, from the design and presentation of buildings to the rituals and production of food.

All this is intertwined with the thoughts of artists, writers, filmmakers, graphic designers, musicians, photographers, architects and designers, who from Impressionism to Divisionism to the historical avant-gardes, from Pop Art to the latest contemporary research, have contributed to the development of the image and consumption of food.

An overview and a voyage in time that creatively reflects the theme of the Milan Expo, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, through hundreds and hundreds of works, objects and documents from museums, public and private institutions, collectors and artists from all over the world.