Natuzzi launches the store of the future: thanks to the Microsoft HoloLens holographic visors, customers can be immersed in a virtual showroom, in order to customize their own sofas

Natuzzi Italia has launched its first Augmented Store in New York: a new retail space where virtual and augmented reality, holographic displays and very advanced 3D configuration software coexist with a physical store to offer personalized services and to improve the one-to-one relationship with consumers.

The project was presented during the Microsoft Innovation Summit in Milan by the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella as one of the leading Italian examples of digital transformation.

Thanks to the collaboration with Microsoft and the partner Hevolus Innovation, Natuzzi Italia has created an innovative experience for customers, relying on a mixed reality approach that increases the rate of order conversion, cutting down on purchasing times and on the costs of physical retail displays.

Wearing the Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality visors, clients are immersed in a digital showroom with access to the entire Natuzzi Italia product range: on a scale of 1:1, they can visualize products as if they were real and interact with them, changing colors and finishes.

Consumers can also move inside their own virtual home – after providing the store with images of the rooms to be furnished – selecting models, arranging them in space, observing them from all vantage points and experimenting with the available range of versions and materials.

After having completed the decor configuration, the retailer presents it to the customers with a holographic projection made to scale. Wearing the mixed reality visors, clients can walk through the project and explore it from all angles.

Before leaving the store customers receive a 360° rendering to explore at home and to share with family members using a smartphone or a virtual reality viewer.

The Augmented Store is a project inserted in the Digital [R]evolution launched by Natuzzi in 2016 with the goal of transforming the retail experience, through an interactive digital Customer Journey.

The new store concept with mixed reality technologies will be extended to the entire retail network of Natuzzi Italia by the end of 2020.

Il futuro del retail sarà definito dalla reinvenzione dell'esperienza del consumatore” Pasquale Junior Natuzzi"