Green architecture and design: the Blackfin project on a human scale

Anidride Design, the studio of Nicola De Pellegrini and Giovanni Bez, designed the new headquarters of the Belluno brand Blackfin, creating a workspace connected with nature and made to measure for people. The project has obtained the CasaClima Work & Life sustainability certification, recognized for those working environments capable of ensuring high levels of comfort for employees.

A building capable of generating tangible well-being for the people who occupy it, immersing them in a quiet and soothing atmosphere that is always pleasant. Able to integrate with the surrounding environment, blending with the natural elements that surround it.

Located in Taibon Agordino, in the province of Belluno, the new architecture catches the eye for the slender and modern shapes of the external parts, with a quilted covering of small holes that seem to hide the internal structure, leaving room for imagination. The facade, made of aluminum, is completely recyclable. Anidride Design has modeled the building on the principles of sustainability, creating a headquarters capable of communicating the brand's philosophy, linked to respect for the environment and harmonizing the artificial structures with the natural beauty of the surrounding mountain panorama.

The reference to the mountains is distinguishable in the shape of the roof, with the slopes arranged in various levels of inclination, but also in the imposing verticality of the structure and in the segmented profile of the summit, which immediately refers to the image of the Dolomites.

"Architecture and sustainability can join forces to redesign the image of brands, communicating their philosophy much more clearly," says Nicola De Pellegrini, architect and founder of Anidride Design. " "Blackfin is a company that shares our same principles of sustainability, so it was a pleasure to work with them. The task of architecture is to propose a broader global vision, which leads to the design of buildings that consume less and generate a lower environmental impact. "

The connection with the mountains, and with the external environment, is also evident in the interiors, designed to create a dialogue between the modernity of the offices and the surrounding landscape. Inside the rooms there are wooden and stone elements, and a vertical garden on the walls seems to evoke the majesty of nature. The ceiling is characterized by a perforated surface that recalls the sharp shapes of the Dolomites. But the Blackfin headquarters was also designed to increase people's happiness, with welcoming rooms full of positive energy, as if they were domestic environments. A room of silence was also created, a room entirely covered in wood in which electronic devices cannot be introduced.