The new offices designed by the studio Il Prisma, in refurbished spaces that reference the heritage and values of the brand

Bacardi has opened a new Italian HQ in Milan. The space hosts the sales and marketing divisions and all the key resources for direct client contact, i.e. a team of 35 talents, below the historic Terrazza Martini on the top floor of a tower on Piazza Diaz.

The design is by the firm Il Prisma, which has explored the role of Bacardi in the lives of people, and how to make the identity of the group more tangible inside the spaces utilized by its staff. The result is an immersive, characteristic environment that activates a sense of belonging, and much more.

“Decoding the particular moments when people come into contact with the over 200 brands of Bacardi has allowed us to understand their meaning for consumers. We call them Living Moments, reinterpreted in the new facility by means of physical theme areas, at the service of an office,” says Michele Pini, Team Leader and Associate of Il Prisma Destination. The results are Home, Clubar and Distillery, complementary spaces of a place of identity that represents the variety of the Bacardi brands in three fundamental moments of life: family, convivial pleasures and heritage.

The Home area is an open-plan zone with situations that can be personalized by staff, magnetic glass slates for productive working, warm tones and lots of greenery, for a welcoming atmosphere. The Clubar space references Milanese cocktail culture, suggesting moments of relaxation and socializing. Red brick and exposed pipes, technical and connoisseur appeal, furnishings that tell the story of Bacardi. The Distillery zone is the maximum expression of the trademark, conveying its essence.

A meeting room encourages the exchange of ideas in brainstorming sessions. The walls become tools to rediscover the origins and the most important moments in Bacardi’s history.