Actual shape of an ancient tradition, BAM Design has a name inspired by the sound of the hammer on the anvil. Between the blacksmith's shop and the contemporary approach, the creations – craft and conceptual – speak Sardinian without the need of a translation, thanks (also) to the evocative power of the visual communication project signed by Gianluca Vassallo

“It all started with the stubborn belief that doing by hand means doing better. That a craftsman can be called such if he learns from the world, from the books he reads, from the people he listens to”. This is how Tonino Bruno and his sons Vittorio and Andrea introduce themselves, with a story  Sardinian – to tell.

And if it is their significant creations that speak, they are emphasized by the evocative photographic project signed by Gianluca Vassallo of White Box Studio which represents all its strength, forged in matter.

In addition to the new e-commerce site, because BAM Design draws from the artisan tradition of its land, but the gaze is turned to the future.

BAM Design designs, produces and sells design objects and furnishing accessories. Each piece embodies the history of its materials, of the hands that forged it, of the places it will live in.

With its name inspired by the sound of the hammer on the anvil, BAM was founded in Nuoro, Sardinia, in 2008 by Tonino Bruno, a third generation blacksmith, and his sons Vittorio and Andrea, who respectively graduated at Politecnico di Milano and at Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera.

The combination of skills, abilities and experiences of the Bruno family, specialized in the artistic working of wrought-iron, copper, brass and steel, are constant elements of an artisan journey, which begun in 1890 and is currently evolving into a dynamic vision of a new Sardinian handicraft, operating on international markets.

BAM Design’s exceptional research and authorial path, aimed at connecting excellent craftsmanship to the world of interior design, have been recognized by important awards, among which Compasso d’Oro ADI and MAM – Maestro d’Arte e Mestiere prize of Fondazione Cologni.

BAM - Bottega Artigiana Metalli combines crafts, design, art and even literature, “it's made by designers who get their hands dirty and artisans who make their hands think” they say. A conjunction between the harmony of forms and conceptual decision, BAM objects are voices of the past that come into the present in order to shake the viewer soul.

Constantly in search of interactions, synergies and contamination, BAM production, traditionally linked to metals, is now declined in the encounter with other materials, such as wood, cork, ceramic, fabrics, leather goods and glass. It opens up a dialogue: with architects and designers to create tailor-made solutions but also with different artisan skills, the interpreters of local art.


With a skilful and meticulous workmanship and a marked personality, the furnishings and significant objects of BAM Design are designed to make the environments more pleasant, welcoming and full of suggestions: they transmit the imagery linked to the earth and nature, to tradition and values typical of Sardinia.