The new cafes of the University of Milan Bicocca campus, designed by Francesco Arrigoni + Poliedro Studio

Located inside building U6 of the University of Milan Bicocca, the cafe is the main refreshment venue of the school. Its design is part of a wider-ranging project that sets out to formulate a new strategy of brand identity, Bicocca Life, through a design process that identifies and applies a series of fundamental features as its guidelines.

Bicocca Life takes its place in a larger project of internal branding created to develop a stronger sense of community among the personnel and students of the university. The choice of the brand is the result of a project involving students, professors and staff through a survey.

In the restyling by the architect Francesco Arrigoni + Poliedro Studio the elements, blending architectural space and furnishings, are based on a modular system that adapts to the spaces and identifies the various zones. Oak laminate, steel and glass are mixed with surfaces colored in red, anthracite gray and white, a refined, elegant choice, but at the same time extremely simple and natural.

The furnishings define the various functions while contributing to shape welcoming, flexible spaces for breakfasts, lunches and snacks, as well as for communication, interaction and study. The same elements, in an alternation of full and empty zones, lend themselves to other complementary functions, such as showcases for the merchandise of the school, and bookcrossing spaces.

The simple, minimal visual communication has an immediate impact. It is composed of identity elements belonging to the Bicocca Life system, where the image takes on personality thanks to the faces of illustrious figures representing the subjects taught in the various departments of the school.

Ph. Poliedro Studio