A call to action for social networks

The Be Open international foundation announces Hands, a call to actioncreated for social networks on the theme of hands as a primordial creative tool. Be Openis a global initiative to promote creativity and innovation, a think tank whose mission is to encourage the best ideas of the moment to construct solutions for the future. It is a cultural and social initiative financed by Yelena Baturina, the Russian businesswoman and philanthropist, together with her international team. What can we do with our hands? Fashion, crafts, construction, communication? To answer this question Be Open involves all users of the web, asking them to submit photographs and videos on this theme. The materials will be posted on Twitter and Instagram accounts and uploaded in real time at the Foundation website www.beopenfuture.com/hands until 6 February 2015. The Be Open digital team will select one winner, who will be invited to Milan by the Foundation for a three-day trip during Expo, to discover the event and the city. Hands offers a preview of the event Be Open will present in 2015: a project on the theme of the Universal Exposition “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,” a path that will demonstrate how creative thought can improve our future. In this way, Be Open completes the complex mosaic of Made in…, a research project on crafts and how to help them survive in the future. The most interesting traditional crafts techniques are reinterpreted by the most experimental designers, to make them have appeal on the contemporary market. A voyage that began in February 2014 with the exhibition “Made in… India” on the outstanding products of the Indian subcontinent and the challenges they face on the global market. Handsare the link between our bodies and the world. They are the primary means of production: strong, practical, sensitive and spiritual. Hands transmit our mood, underscore our words, help us to grasp life in the literal and figurative senses of the term. For information: www.beopenfuture.cominstagram.com/beopenfutureyoutube.com/beopenfuturetwitter.com/BEOPENFUTUREfacebook.com/beopenawards